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We are dedicated to providing the finest niche wines that best represent their countries expression of wine. We are a company rooted in both Australia and Italy, and we believe in supporting both tradition and innovation.

Italian & Australian wine experts

We proudly showcase the finest offerings from Italy and Australia to a global audience, meticulously curating a handpicked assortment of top-notch wines sourced from esteemed mid-sized wineries in both countries.

Our Philosophy

Arpeggio is a musical term which refers to the individual notes that make up a chord. We believe this is a great metaphor for our philosophy of what wine is – being that is best when used in harmony with other elements. It accompanies food, it adds to celebrations, it relaxes our stressful lives, it inspires conversation and when made well it represents a marvellous connection between humans and the natural world.

A solid network

Our founders, Luke and Tommaso, have utilized their extensive knowledge and connections in the wine industry to establish a strong network of Italian and Australian wineries. Through this network, they have curated a distinctive collection of outstanding Italian wines catered specifically to the discerning Australian market, while also introducing exceptional Australian wines to the global stage. This collaboration has resulted in a remarkable fusion of flavors, aptly named the “arpeggio.

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By choosing Arpeggio Wine Distributors, our customers can expect a carefully curated selection of unique and exceptional Italian wines that are not widely available in Australia. We are committed to delivering the best possible experience to our customers, with unparalleled customer service and personalized recommendations.